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  • Trilingual education

    FRÖBEL Istanbul wants children to learn foreign languages ​​early and enables them to experience them.

  • Healthy eating

    Our kindergartens apply a balanced, high-quality, age-appropriate, child-friendly nutritional, which is based on the dietary guidelines of the German Nutrition Association and the recommendations of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

  • Exercise and relaxation!

    Children love to move. But you also need to have the opportunity to learn how to develop and move in a variety of ways.

  • Children's rights

    In our kindergartens, children learn that their rights are recognized and lived, as stated by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Individualization as a principle!

    Children learn through their own activities, especially playing, experimenting and gathering experiences.

  • Specialized and experienced educators

    Our intercultural team consists of experienced pedagogues whose mother tongue is Turkish, German and English.

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